sms reply sally. doubting my love&emotional.

sally sms me last night. reply her. noticed a tall girl likely employee of QRRS, my once and long time employer, an old style state-owned enterprise, passing outside of my office these days. deeper pray for the gathering of my beloved, including Masheng, Zhou, Taiwan girl, after lunch. dozed before returning home. God, my hope now for a new family strongest, bring me a surprise!


read all time since returned from office.

baby gamed with his uncle on notebook. i read most of the night. ema gamed on notebook with baby later. i criticized ema’s buying milk product&shown her negative report online. she watched carefully. later i suggested the compare between tutor in China with prostitute quoted by a popular writer, for i dislike her tutorial at home for quite some time, but she refute it briefly. she then rest on bed back of me and dirty willed on me. i many times previously blamed her tutoring at home as sex service.

a gloomy day.

went to office later, for preparing offline feedDemon. idled&dozed in the morning in office. read feeds in feeddamon after lunch, in the bitings from facing desk. its always dark since morning. bought baby some KFC food.

dreamed of being urged by baby’s mom&grandma.

in dawn dreamed long about baby’s mom&grandma urged me to be active on sex, while i all time praying for my new wives&prepared myself saintly.its a gloomy morning. let d/l after got up.

d/l&sort assets.

got up as usual&let d/l at once.backup some stuff to dvds&catalog them.gamed with baby on notebook many times. also read some time. later showered in public bathroom when baby played pc games with his uncle who here receive tutorials. tried Internet TV but in vain.

gamed&d/l.setup file share in home networks.

most of day reading in greader, while let d/ the mid setup file share among 3 computers.gamed&tried new games with baby.


dream of pseudo-gangster in my office bring his gangsters rob my family.then in dream i found one of my eye hurt earlier with an eye left on it under eyelid almost merged with the eye, ie. under 2 eyes under a eyelid.last night baby cried for his mom don’t attend his call. i sneered to baby.when i want to play with him, his mother sneered at me. i taught baby a lesson that one never should too demanding upon anyone, for none can be whole-hearted to serve a guy without a pay back,except to God.

ema treat us with bones.

gamed with baby all night, after a rich bone.ema enjoyed first time read her favorite novels online with us,while baby insisted gamed locally.

family computers all got Internet connect.

idle all morning in office, haunted in neighbor room&chat, while let notebook defrag.the gay on facing desk bite heavily since work time.then buzzed ema&she let me going to buy boardband router myself for she occupied by students at home.i did in a flash, then went to office to find wires. a once colleague let his man made for me.i settled&all 3 computer at home got wired now. really cozy!

claimed family accounts with panoramio.

read after got up. try newest version of google earth.then lunched to claim family accounts with google’s just settled down. nicely to see our steps on world map.

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